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Bread of Life Trainig Centers - Online--at Home EDU Schools for Ministry

Lay ministry training for everyone

Got an itch to minister or pastor, but can’t take
the time to scratch it? Well we’re the balm––from God!

Ministry Education Information

Bread of Life Training Center is an online school for lay people who want to train for end-time ministry without wasting time or money on unnecessary courses.

Grading System for the School of Ministry

P+ for outstanding initiative, the equivalent of A or B work
P for satisfactory performance, the equivalent of C or D work
F for unsatisfactory work
I for failure to complete all course requirements

Students may take courses again, FREE of charge until they pass!

Ministry Course Requirements

The basic requirements for each course include:

  • Download and submit the Course Outline, a PDF that requires students to view all the course videos in order to complete it
  • Pass all quizzes and the final exam
  • Complete a project that applies the course material in a practical way.

Students who complete a course receive a Certificate of Completion plus a Transcript.

Graduates who complete the entire program receive a Diploma of Graduation plus a Summary Transcript.

Rate Per Ministry Course

Rate Per Course
Course Title Weeks Cost
REL 101 Intro to Biblical Hebrew/Greek 13 $250
REL 102 Internet Ministry 13 $125
REL 103 Biblical Archaeology 2 $125
REL 104 Biblical Theology 2 $125
REL 105 Spiritual Gifts 2 $125
REL 106 How People Learn 2 $125
REL 107 Righteousness by Faith 2 $125
REL 108 Bible Study Methods 13 $250
REL 109 Christian Apologetics 2 $125
REL 110 Presentation Principles 2 $125
REL 111 The Apostolic Home 2 $125
REL 112 The Great Commission 2 $125
REL 113 First-Century Teaching 2 $125
REL 114 Ring around the Rabbi Evangelism 2 $125
REL 115 Leading a Home Bible Fellowship w/Christ 2 $125
REL 116 Counseling Basics 2 $125
REL 117 Personalities and Behaviors 2 $125
REL 118 Biblical Counseling 2 $125
REL 119 Homiletics I 2 $125
REL 120 Homiletics II 2 $125
REL 121 Old and New Covenant Worship 2 $125
REL 122 Pastoral Ministry 2 $125
REL 123 Survey of Old and New Testament 2 $125
REL 124 Church Planting 2 $125

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